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Deconstructing a Hoaxed Crop Circle

Buckland Down – May 28, 2018

Behold, the second crop circle of the 2018 season...!

Hoaxed crop circle at Buckland Down - May 28, 2018
Image Copyright ©2018 Crop Circle Connector

I am surprised that this crop circle has fooled so many people, because in my opinion it is an obvious fake. I am tired of the hoaxes, tired of the people who selfishly deceive their own community while simultaneously wasting the money and resources of researchers worldwide.

This year I am making it my mission to explain, in detail, the mathematical errors, construction methods, and every flaw in the execution of the hoaxed crop circles. All I need to do this is a good overhead photo (and time) Measurements are even better, if anyone is still motivated enough….(please….?).

Right now, I have 4 specific points I would like to make, and a corresponding image for each point to help others understand and spot the hoaxes with greater efficiency. I’ve also included a composite image showing similar crop circles that were all hoaxed in previous years.

Part 1 - Execution

Sometimes genuine crop circles exhibit a certain distortion, but this is different than man-made zig-zaggy lines or jagged arcs that result from using a square object to make a rounded line. Most man-made crop circles have off-center circles and/or crooked lines that cannot be explained by electromagnetic or photographic distortion.

The crop circle at Buckland Down is poorly executed. I'd give it a C-, barely passing... Their problems started when they used a tram line instead of a measuring tape to define the center of the first satellite circle (see Part 4). The lines aren't straight and change angles slightly while passing through the central circle.

Amber Wing - megageometry

Part 2 - Proportion

Each design can be represented by a set of circles determined by the proportioning system used for that crop circle. I may share more details on this subject as the season progresses…

In the case of Buckland Down, a rudimentary attempt was made to incorporate the earth/moon proportions, but the hoaxers lack the understanding to put it all together. It was a good effort for a geometric ametuer, however. I'd give it a solid B.

Amber Wing - megageometry

Part 3 - Ruling the Paths

Path widths are also determined by the design’s system of proportion, and paths follow certain rules. When paths encounter objects, they can join them, or pass under/over/around them. In general, paths do not go THROUGH objects. To conceptualize this, consider the 2D crop design as a projection of 3D or higher dimensional space.

In addition to being out of proportion and jagged, the paths of the Buckland Down crop circle violate fundamental rules of design and execution. What has been done here is ugly, and there is no excuse for such caveman-style mathematics. No allowances here, this is a complete fail - grade F.

Amber Wing

Part 4 - Tram Lines

Hoaxers use them as construction aids, but in genuine crop circles, the tram lines are fully integrated into the geometry of the design. This means the design needs to be scaled and rotated to conform to the proportioning system used throughout. Currently this is beyond the ability of the hoaxers, because even if they understood the geometry, correctly applying it would mean sacrificing their construction aids.

Deconstruction the construction of the Buckland formation is easy because it follows a formula that has been published by the hoaxers ("circle makers") themselves. You guys really aren't as smart as you think you are... For that, you earn another F.

Amber Wing

Other similar hoaxes from previous years

The Ackling Dyke hoax from 2014 is almost certainly made by the same person/group that hoaxed this latest circle at Buckland Down. They all have big flaws in the geometry, and exhibit at best a superficial understanding of sacred geometry.

Amber Wing

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