Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Another Bad Crop Circle Hoax in Wiltshire, UK

Before I turn my blog's attention to the genuine crop circles of 2018 (two of which are amazing), I want to expose another bad hoax by the same person or group who hoaxed the formation at Buckland Down on May 28 this year. 

If I can't stop the hoaxes from happening, I figure I can at least warn researchers away from the fake formations to minimize the amount of wasted time spent studying them.

Not all crop circles are man-made, but this one certainly is...

Keysley Down, Wiltshire, UK - June 10, 2018

Image Copyright © 2018 Nick Bull Photography

This formation suffers from many of the same flaws as the last hoax at Buckland Down. It has similar flaws in geometry and uses the same construction techniques, which are so obvious from the overhead photo, they can be seen from across the pond.

First, here are a few of my notes about the execution and visible construction points visible from the photo:

Next, I looked at the circles as a numerical set, and compared that set to non-man-made formations. The difference is clear - hoaxed circles are void of mathematical connections, and genuine crop circles contain mathematical information. I will expand on this idea in my next blog post when I deconstruct an authentic, non-man-made crop circle.

In this case, the crop circle at Keysley Down was constructed from a numerical set that is devoid of any mathematical intricacies. The hoaxers used the initial radial distance to construct most of the design. The geometry repeats, but not in a good way like a self-similar or recursive design would.

Finally, I considered the overall design, and the lack of a proportioning system is glaring. The ball-and-stick style crop circles, and this one in particular, are like mathematical stick figures. Real crop circles use consistent proportioning systems, ensuring key intersections happen in places that are geometrically significant. Everything snaps in a genuine design, but in a hoaxed crop circle like this one, arcs intersect where it is convenient, and the result is geometric chaos and ugliness. 

I have been keeping a list of the 2018 crop circles, and the results of my analysis. I hope to update the list as more crop circles appear.

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